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AnaCom is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of high performance C & Ku band Block Up-Converters, transceivers, SSPAs, Satellite IP Networking products and offers a complete satellite networking solution.

AnaCom's IP networking solution intelligently combines routing, TCP acceleration, advanced satcom modem, DAMA + SCPC capability, frequency-agile bandwidth aggregation, priority for real time applications (e.g. voice, video,) a complete VoIP solution including a softswitch for call routing, and a complete suite of network management capabilities all in one box.

AnaCom's reputation for reliability and ease of use is well known in the satellite industry, and is the brand of choice by leading satellite professionals. Quality by design, engineering capabilities, and a strong manufacturing base allows AnaCom to maintain lower product costs. Our transceiver, BUC, and SSPA offerings cover all commercial satellite frequencies over a wide range of power levels.

AnaCom's headquarters resides in a technology park in San Jose, California in the heart of Silicon Valley.